We adapt all the services we offer to suit the uniqueness of your business.

Discovery Session – Free – no commitment

A quick discussion about you and your business.

Book a call to learn more about how Chip25 can help you and your business.

This is free and with no commitment afterwards.

Total Business Review

A comprehensive review of your business.

A thorough Review of;

* Where your business has come from,

* Where your business is today

* Where you aspire for your business to be

We will conduct a number of either face-to-face sessions or online meetings to really delve into your business and what it is providing for you personally.

This is a warts and all review looking at what has worked well, what not so well and where the potential is for the future. This session can be life transforming. Literally.

Group Business Coaching

We offer various 6 week Business Growth Masterclasses.

These are an interactive intimate series of sessions where we work through practical solutions, that you can implement now, to improve your business growth.

The sessions are presented to a maximum of 12 participants

Each session is accompanied with a workbook that allows you to take notes and take away the actions to be implemented prior to the next session.

Full 121 Business Coaching

A bespoke one to one coaching sessions.

This is the real deal session.

This is where we work through the full Entrepreneurs Circle Marketing and Sales System.

Delivered in face to face or online sessions every 2 weeks for 30 mins max (you are all busy and have a business to run!)

#1 We start with understanding everything about you and your business, including - The numbers that matter.

2# Your Business Foundations.

3# Build Marketing Process

4# Stabilise, Optimise, Maximise.

With all the above we will “Crack the Rhythmic Acquisition of Customers”.

The Masterplan

Masterplan is a unique 9 step process to exceptional business growth. Build a business so that it delivers on your T.E.R.M.S.

Time you’re willing to commit,

Energy you’re willing to give, the

Resources required, the

Money you want it to deliver and the

Sanity or Sleep it needs to provide.

This structured approach to business growth see’s you build the Key FOUNDATION layer of your business. Develop the EXECUTION of business growth. OPTIMISATION for future delivery.