Case Study

Speech 4 Schools

Speech 4 Schools is a Speech and Language specialist delivering assessment and therapy in schools across the southeast of England.

The business is run by Sidonie Delaney

Sidonie approached Chip25 with some unique challenges.

The business, although very busy, was taking up more of Sidonie's time than was practical. Having two children the balance or Work and Home was being severely impacted. Coupled with the fact that profits were not where they should be.

The services offered by Sidonie, and her team are either delivered in school or at their clinic where they would see children on a 121 basis for assessment and therapy.

The challenge was to delve into the business find out just where the revenue and profit was and what could we do to make more profit and to relieve some of the workload directly from Sidonie.

Key actions and results achieved

  • Following a price review it was discovered that the business had not increased its daily rate for over 8 years. The writing of 1 letter to all the 25 schools gave a 20% increase in profit - immediately.

  • Through financial analysis it was identified that the work undertaken in the clinic was delivered at a much higher margin than in schools. This prompted the opening of a second location in a nearby town.

  • Clearly the business needed to be working in more schools. We therefore helped S4S to book a stand at the local Education People Expo event held locally. The contacts and leads developed at that event has more than doubled the number of schools the company is engaged with.

  • The overall personal target for Sidonie was to be able to spend the summer holiday actually on holiday with her children. This year Sidonie achieved the dream of spending 3 weeks island hopping in Greece with both of her children.