Is the Masterplan Programme for me?

If you can answer YES to any of the following, then the Masterplan Programme is certainly for you

Do you want to have the option to exit or sell your business in the next 3 - 5 years?

(Be aware without the structure of the Masterplan only 1 in 5 businesses actually sell!)

Do you want to be able to take a 2-month holiday away from the business, without laptop or mobile, while being confident that the business will work without you and will be safe upon your return?

(This can be life changing)

Do you want your business to provide the time to spend with family and to not suck up all your resources, effort, time and money?

(Provide for you money now while investing for your money future)

What is the Masterplan Programme?

The Masterplan Programme has the primary goal, to help every member of the Programme become a properly professional business owner, at the helm of a business that is typically much larger than it was when they started on the Programme, and which crucially delivers for them, their customers and their staff.

It's a 'holistic' programme which tackles all aspects of building a super-successful business – not just the marketing.

The 9-Step programme leads you through a structured process that focuses you to get your business to deliver on your T.E.R.M.S.

TIME - How much Time are you going to invest?

EFFORT or ENERGY - Your business should empower and energise you.

RESOURCES- What resources are you going to put into your business over and above time and money?

MONEY- How Much Money do you need from your business?

SANITY or SLEEP - How much heart and soul will you put into this?

Our specialist coaches guide and mentor you through each individual step. Subject matter experts are provided as specific points to assist in focusing the delivery of the overall programme.

Level 1 - Foundation

Step 1

The first thing we'll do is help you get crystal clear on what we call your 'T.E.R.M.S.'

In other words what you want from your business, in terms of profits and drawings, the time and effort you're prepared to put in, how big you really want to grow it and a whole lot more.

We'll help you get clear on your Life Plan; the things you want to achieve beyond work - but which your business will have to pay for.

And we'll help you establish clarity on how you should be utilising your time; the things you should be focusing on, the things you should be delegating (as all professional business people do), where your energy should go in order to deliver the business and the lifestyle that you want.

Step 2

In step two, we'll get deep into your business numbers.

Chip25 has access to specialist top notch accountant support to sit down with all of our Masterplan members and drill deep into their numbers so that you really can both
understand and be in control

of your business going forward.

We'll drive out your key numbers for you....

[CLUE: It's not just Profit!!]

...and then help you understand exactly what your business has to do in order to deliver to your 'T.E.R.M.S'

Step 3

In step three, our specialists will help you to establish the right Pathway to move your business from where it is today to where it needs to be.

(based on the thinking and understanding that have emerged from Steps 1 and 2).

Those first three steps constitute what we call your Foundations.

Without clarity as to exactly what you're trying to achieve, a deep understanding of the numbers in your business,
(both now and where they need to be!) and a properly thought through and coherent strategy and Pathway, most businesses are simply doomed to repeat the same year time after time.

Once your Foundations are complete – which normally takes a few weeks – you'll move into what we call the 'Execution Layer'.

Level 2 - Execution

Step 4

We'll start by making sure you've got the right team in place

and that you create the right environment for them so they each have clarity on their roles and responsibilities, the right resources that they need to do the job so that you can then get out of their way – like all professional business people do!

Step 5

Step five is all about cracking the Rhythmic Acquisition of Customers.

This is what the Chip25 is best at - but until now, members have had to work their own way through our vast resources and insights to establish the right marketing pillars for them.

As part of the Masterplan Programme, we'll do this with you. Equipped with your Pathway, that deep understanding of your numbers and absolute clarity as to what it is we're trying to achieve, we'll help you put your Marketing Plan in place and then execute it properly.

The difference this makes - tackling your marketing in the right context (as a professional business person does) - is revelationary for most businesses.

Step 6

Once you've got the rhythmic flow of customers sorted, you have to ensure that your business delivers for them. Consistently and efficiently.

So many businesses, although well-intentioned, screw this up. They grow their customer base but then damage their reputation as they're unable to deliver the quality and consistency of service that the business owner aspires to, but which their organisation is ill-equipped to manifest.

Not when you're part of the Masterplan!

Our experts will guide you through the development of
your Customer Journey and, even more importantly, how to implement that Journey properly within your business. Again, you work with specialists in this area to make sure you're doing things in the very best way possible.

At the end of the Execution Layer

(which takes most entrepreneurs 9 months + to implement properly – but you dictate the pace!)

, your role in your business will have changed markedly.

Level 3 - Optimisation

Step 7

Your job now is to simply monitor the routine.

You'll have the right Scorecards in place, the right management processes, with the right roles and responsibilities, clearly defined, across your whole organisation.

It's at this point that you are beginning to be liberated - another characteristic of the professional business owner who is not tied to their business because he/she does not have a day job in the organisation.

Step 8

Step eight in the Masterplan is when the fun really begins!

You'll start to optimise all the elements of your business. Making the small tweaks that rapidly increase profitability.

You'll optimise systematically, across all aspects of your business – again guided and helped by the Chip25 team.

Step 9

And then you'll reach step nine, the point at which you really are a professional business owner.

You'll be at the helm of a business that you not only understand and are fully in control of, but one which doesn't tie you to a job for 60 hours every week!

Your business will be delivering the lifestyle you want, it's paying you the money that you need to fund your desired lifestyle now, AND throwing off surplus cash to provide for your future. You're in proper control. You get to choose what you do with your tomorrow...